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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for the Professional Rescuer courses are sponsored by the IDPS and given in English regularly throughout the year. Our instructor is highly qualified and certified by The American Health & Safety Institute. Successful completion of each course is accompanied by an American Health & Safety certificate.

Topics Covered in the Course are:

  • CPR for babies and children
  • Rescue breathing for adults
  • Recovery position
  • The Heimlich maneuver
  • Defibrillator

Course Dates:


     January 26, 2025 


     February 2, 2025



:American Women's Club of Zürich at Höschgasse 38, Zürich Seefeld


  • 9:30am registration
  • 10:00am - 16:00pm (or when finished)


  • Members: 60 CHF
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 65 CHF
  • Non-members: 90 CHF
  • Masks: 25 CHF (mandatory)
  • Books: on-line version available upon registration and payment 
  • CPR masks and protective hand gloves are mandatory!
  • Bring your own lunch and beverages!
  • Bring a towel to protect your knees!

Register online by clicking here! 

*If you require a payment slip, please contact Treasurer Donna Baines*

Contact Person:

Donna Baines - Treasurer